Complications from alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is a very serious, emergency and life-threatening condition. Alcohol Poisoning can also lead to the person’s life immediately. Alcoholism situation arises when a person suddenly consumes a lot of toxic variety of alcohol (ethanol), isopropyl, methanol and ethylene glycol. After alcohol poisoning, the condition of the person becomes very serious.

Problems with the person after alcohol poisoning

Having alcohol poisoning, one may have to face the following serious and fatal consequences:

Churning of the respiratory tract (jam) can be vomiting in the state of alcohol poisoning. Because in the position of alcohol poisoning, the pneumatic tube starts getting cramped, so the risk of jamming from vomiting becomes more and more.

Stop breathing – In the event of vomiting, breathing can lead to in vomiting accidentally reaching your lungs, which can lead to a dangerous or fatal condition and even death.

Dehydration – Dehydration due to vomiting can lead to serious dehydration, blood pressure can be very low and heart beat may increase. Changes in blood pressure and heartbeat can be fatal.

Harming – The level of blood can be so low that it can make the journey like a tour.

Lower body temperature – In the case of alcohol poisoning, body temperature may be so low that it can cause heart failure.

Brain damage – due to excessive drinking can lead to permanent damage (which can not be correct) in the brain.

Death – death can occur due to any of the above.

In case of alcohol poisoning, the person should be given an Emergency Medical Treatment as soon as possible, as it is very important to be treated by specialist in this situation.

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