Importance of natural eye care

Today, very young children get glasses. The main reason for this is – not getting proper care of eyes, lack of nutrients and geneticism. If somebody’s problem of gestures is not genetic, then vision can also be improved through a little care and catering.

At the same time, if we take care of our daily diet, and the eyes of nature, then we can get rid of the glasses.

Some essential things that can help to keep eyes light:-

  • Always sleep during the night if you massage the mustard oil in the soles of the feet, then it can be very beneficial for your eyes.
  • Walking barefoot grass in the morning, it is a very effective recipe for eyes, including health.
  • Yoga is a unique boon for our entire health, and in Yoga, a person who does daily proliferation in the Yoga can feel his own rise to the light of eyes including health.
  • Wake up in the morning and rubbing your two palms together, lighten the eyes lightly. This recipe is also fayedamadan for the eyes.
  • Always wash the eyes with cold water before sleeping at night and wash with cold water even after rising in the morning.
  • Exercise by twisting the eyes of the eyes at the time of the day or at any time.
  • Diet with carrots, green leafy vegetables, eggs and vitamins c is very beneficial for eyes, take them regularly.
  • Whenever riding a two-wheeler, keep the helmets glasses or glasses while riding.
  • You can also consult a doctor to keep your eyes healthy. He can give you any such medicines, which you can sleep in the night with eyes, and it will also cool your eyes and cool down.
  • In the morning, wake up saliva of your face without rooting, like mascara in your eyes. Continuous for 6 months, the number of glasses is reduced.

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