Liquid diet for weight loss

If you are troubled by your weight, sometimes you have begun to go to exercise, walk, and gym too. But due to lack of regularity and control of food, you are still there right there or have become more than that. Do not be afraid, it is not too difficult to lose weight.

Actually, in addition to any illness, the main reason for growing weight is over eating. When you can not spend fat by changing the fat from the food you eat, then this fat takes the form of fat on your body. In such a case, it becomes necessary that instead of climbing new layers on it, you can spend it by changing the stored fat into energy. It is important to control food and drink. Now because this is the control which is difficult to keep, then it is an easy way. Neither will you be hungry nor will you be able to consume excess fat.

This is the way, to convert your diet into liquid. First of all, prepare a list of calories and other nutrients that you need. You will be better aware of how much diet is enough for you in the day. Now make your diet like a solid diet instead of making it like a solid diet.

Mix all the vegetables together, like soup. Eat it. You can make a soft liquid khichadi by adding a few pulses to all types of rice. Or, oats or other such nutritious foods you can make as a liquid, which you can make as a liquid Remember that it should be so liquid that you can drink it. Do not have to cook for meals. Apart from these, you also have choices like fruit juices lassi and milk. You can drink any of these fluids whenever you eat them throughout the day.

Because all the nutrients are present in the Jinhua, you can make the ghee porridge as a liquid. By consuming fluid in this way, you will not feel hungry or eat more than you need. You can also eat fruit in the middle.

If you are not able to do this for many days, leave it one day and do it the other day. Also, even if you do not go to the gym, start exercising only for 10-15 minutes in the morning. Believing it will be very easy for you to lose weight.

By taking the diet as a liquid, your body will remain completely hydrated. You will not be asked to eat food and overeating.

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