Prevention of abdominal adhesions

The internal organs of the body are naturally smooth and slippery from outside. It does not stick to it during any physical activity, nor does it stick to the internal walls of the stomach. If these tissues like rats, which are called scar tissue, develop, then this scar tissue can be produced in very large numbers by binding or sticking parts of the limbs. These scar tissues are called adhesion. Ads are not developed without any external intervention. They are the same person who has an abdominal operation.

  Generally abdominal ads can not be prevented from happening. However, if some things are taken care of by the doctor along with correct and advanced techniques at the time of surgery, the risk of aids can be reduced.

Some of the ways by which the risk of ads can be reduced

  • A big incision is not made to open the stomach through laparoscopic surgery, therefore, there is less risk of adherence on its operation.
  • If a big incision is required in the operation of the stomach, then at the end of the surgery, a special type of film, such as a material called cephalphilum, can be placed between two organs and limbs and incision. It is like a material wax and is absorbed in the body in about a week, with less risk of adhesion.
  • The gloves that are worn by the doctor while performing the operation should be starch and latex free.
  • Tissues and organs should be arranged very comfortably.
  • As soon as possible, the time of surgery should be kept as minimum, in the short time the internal organs and tissues do not dry out, because the outer layers of these tissues are covered with a sliding fluid, so that they do not stick to each other.
  • When the patient’s open surgery is done, then it should be noted that blood or blood clots are cleaned properly after the operation.

If these things are taken care of at the time of surgery, the risk of adships can be reduced to a considerable extent.

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