Test and Treatment of abdominal adhesions

When groups of internal tissues (scar tissues), called adhesions, begin to develop in the middle of the internal organs of the body, due to any external interference, they cause adherence to the organs of the organs to be interconnected or in other organs. . With this, the natural space of those organs changes, and then their obstacles arise.

  In most cases of abdominal attacks, there is no problem, but in some cases, from normal to life, serious problems arise. In its general symptoms, stomach pain or pain in the pelvic region can be accompanied by intestinal obstruction or infertility in women. Due to intestinal obstruction, emergency surgery is sometimes required. If there is an operation of the first stomach on the person having trouble with intestinal obstruction or other problems, then the doctor may be suspected of having an addiction. In such a situation, it is confirmed by the doctor by checking the basis of various symptoms and intestinal obstruction, which is done when the gift is confirmed.

Diagnosis of Abdominal Adhesion and Intestinal Obstruction:

In fact, no investigation is available for the diagnosis of ads. Adams can not be seen by any imaging technique such as X-ray or ultrasound. Advertisements are usually seen only when open abdominal surgery. Although intestinal Obstrkshn X-rays, barium contrast studies (the lower GI series is also known) and can be seen by computerized tomography.

Treatment of Abdominal Adhesion and Intestinal Obstruction:

Usually no abdominal ads have to be treated, because in most cases there is no problem. If there is a problem of pain, intestinal obstruction or infertility due to these ads, surgery is the only treatment for their treatment. The risk of getting adhesion increases after surgery due to this, so as far as possible the surgery is avoided.

 If obstruction in the intestines is completely done, then a sudden surgery is required. But if the obstruction in the intestines is partial, then relief from the food produced by liquid or low waste (stool) can be avoided to avoid the problem. Foods that make less wastes include dairy products, low-fiber foods. With this, these substances pass through the intestine easily and the barrier does not arise.

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