Symptoms and causes of Anjanhari and treatment

Ankahari or cough eyes or the pimples emerging above the eyelids is called. Which is a very common problem among children. This pim is mostly on the same eye at one go, but it is believed that the fur is fine after it is released seven times. Whatever the accreditation, but it is very painful for the children and the elderly. This type of problem is due to the bacteria called Staphylococcus, which infects the eyes and causes this disease.

Once it is released once it gets cooked, it becomes too big, and then it gets dried up by itself. It is not taken very seriously, nor is there any special treatment for it.
But sometimes it is so intensely that it is necessary to find the remedy for it. Although it does not bother to go to a doctor for this, and this is because it is considered to be malignant.

Anjnhari can be identified by certain symptoms, such as,

  • Red or pink color fading over the eyelids,

  • To get a rash on one or both eyes,

  • The problem of itch and irritation in the pimple,

  • Pain in the lids,

  • Puffing out of pimples,

  • If a person has been exposed to Anjhari repeatedly, then he should understand the reasons and remove them. But it is necessary for the person to be aware of its causes.
Causes that generate Anjahari:-

  • Due to doctors’ lack of vitamin A and lack of vitamin A
  • The cause of anesthetic, usually a transfiguration bacteria, is also known as infection.
  • Defect in the digestive system is also the cause of eczema.
  • One cause of anesthetic, constant constipation is considered.
  • Go to the eyes of other harmful particles including dust and smoke.
  • Touching eyes without hands.
  • Infection.,
  • Do not pay attention to the cleaning of the eyes. Do not wash with water continuously.,
  • Well there is no information about the exact reasons for the accident, but these are some of the reasons which cause this problem.

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