What is Asthma

Asthma today has become a known disease. With this, people of all age groups, even children, are hunting. Contaminated environments, stale, and contaminated food, pollution, food adulteration are the reasons for asthma which the person does not want to take in his daily life.

Asthma which is called colloquial language is called asthma. Asthma develops in a person’s body, when any person of asthma enters the breath of the person’s breath. It starts with cough and breathing difficulties, but in the beginning the person ignores it as normal problems. But this negligence gradually comes in the form of asthma.

How does asthma flourish?

When the polluted particles reach in the lungs through the breathing tube through the breathing through the nostrils, these particles reach in the microfilm of the lungs leaving the contaminated air with fresh air, and begin to make the place ill From this, there is inflammation in the inner wall of the air exchanges of the air in the body.

Due to swelling, ducts become very sensitive and its side effects start to appear in the form of asthma.

Its symptoms, cough, nasal bleeding, chest tightness, night and morning are in front of the problem of breathing. When asthma reaches a fatal state, along with the pain of the person’s breath, breathing starts and the person starts the journey from this.

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